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Our software solution ifms automates corporate-wide any file-based form of data communication combined with controlled scheduling of pre and post-processing.

The centrally administered ifms host system serves your whole company structure via a proprietary ifms client service which is available as an end-point communication service for all common operating systems, platforms and ways of communication.

Centralised management, monitoring, reporting & alerting

Alongside comprehensive reporting, monitoring and alerting, our solution's central management offers an intuitively operable modeling level for your communications structure and complex file transfer processes. Therefore all information and the overall control of your data communication is available by a single point of view and control.

Multi-User-Support, user-management and user-roles

The ifms front-end has supports a multi-user-management. As a result processes and their owners can be encapsulated accordingly. Traditional user profiles and permissions assign the desired roles and language versions to the users.The ifms front-end supports a multi-user-management. With it processes and their owners can be encapsulated and therefore protected against unauthorized access. Standard user profiles and permissions assign the defined roles and language versions to the ifms users.

Design your complex communication processes intuitively without the use of scrip language

ifms enables your IT-personnel, process owner or person in charge to design easily even complex communication processes and scenarios. Recurring file transfer process chains with thousands of systems can be modeled and automated within minutes for all kind of ifms users.

Dynamic and automated definition of your company structure

ifms is able to design your company and communication structure in a flexible, dynamic and automated manner. Hierarchical group structures are created in an automated way based on selected parameters. Therefore master data assists, amongst other things, like number ranges, system information, geographical circumstances or even in form of self-defined and allocated parameters - or also, of course, all kind of combinations of these.

Comprehensive scheduling

ifms supports almost all imaginable scheduling scenarios and configurations. Multiple event scenarios are implementable and combinable like the occurrence of trigger and transaction files, qualified ifms process result codes, by manual user-action, by qualified end-point request or by traditional calendar and time profiles even by taking the respective international time zone into account.

Support for all common platforms and ways of communication

Via our proprietary ifms client service we support all common platforms and ways of communication - from WIN 16/32/64, Mac-OS, HP-VMS through various Linux/Unix derivatives to mainframe systems via TCP/IP structures, FTP/SFTP, GSM/GRPS or even analogue and digital dial-up connections.

Active Call-In / Call-out even in mixed-mode

Communication processes can be initialized centrally and also decentralised by the remote endpoints but in all cases the process depends purely on the central definition and control.

Executing of related pre- and post-processing

ifms is able to call jobs and commands of any type on central-and decentralised side within the ifms network. This allows the combination of any file transfer process with the related execution of jobs and commands.

Encryption, data compression and auto resume

If required ifms encrypts and compresses your data during the transfer. Auto resume mechanisms complete unfinished transfers by continuing on byte level.

Easy FTP integration

ifms supports FTP/SFTP but of course by using some important ifms standard functionalities. In this way, your FTP connections are seamlessly integrated into the ifms structure in a transparent, automatable and secure manner free from any scripting language.


ifms offers the possibility to import communication processes or structures from other systems and applications.

Ifms Sub-Hub integration

For the purposes of load balancing, process encapsulation or even different kind of security scenarios, cascadable ifms sub-hubs can be integrated that are however still fully controlled by the central ifms master system.

High availability by fail-safe-system operation

A proprietary ifms hot standby system, operated for example from another location or computing center, safeguards against unforeseeable outages even within the system environment (database, network, infrastructure, etc.).

Flexible scalability

ifms adapts to your increasing data communication requirements. Our software solution and its licence model is based on the number of data endpoints, networks, platforms, volumes and time-specific transfer windows.

Implementation & production

ifms can be seamlessly integrated 'out of the box' into your company structure. In general, it takes us a day to train the audience and install the ifms master system. Normally the training is already used to design your processes for going-live. Afterwards you and your employee will be able to control, design and automate your communication processes by yourselves.

Ongoing development

ifms faces an ongoing development process - in practice it is based on the requirements of our customers from a wide range of sectors, the market and our deep experience with file transfer needs. This process influenced ifms over years and is responsible for the huge functional range.

systematik GmbH Professional Services

Our experts from development and consulting assists you during the implementation phase of your communication processes and of course with Go-Live support directly from systematik GmbH as the owner, manufacturer, vendor and professionals of ifms.

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ifms-monitoring supports online monitoring of all filetransfer activities.


ifms managed all filetransfer partners and systems in a comfortable and structured way.


automized grouping functions supports the filetransfer process.