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systematik GmbH distributes and implements next to their own software solution ifms the Managed File Transfer Suite GoAnywhere™ of Linoma Software. GoAnywhere™ is an innovative and leading MFT Solution with more than over 3000 customers worldwide including several Fortune Global 500 companies.
ifms also covers a wide range of reference installations and a huge customer base for all critical Enterprise File Transfer processes. Both products have their operational areas and USP´s. Depending on the requirements and the IT-infrastructure one of the products or a combination of these are used to provide a best of breed MFT-Solution. With our experience and skills in this special field we can support you to chosse and implement the right MFT-Solution for your actual and future business.   


ifms | systematik GmbH

ifms - InformationFlowManagementSystem is an Enterprise File Transfer Solution developed and market by systematik GmbH. It automates even complex process chains of file transfer purposes in huge organizations and IT-stuctures including the associated triggering of pre- and post-processings. It is based in centralized control and management, contains a comprehensive scheduling, dynamic grouping of large system structures, detailed reporting, alerting and online monitoring and connects to all known operating systems. ifms uses an own comunication protocol. Aditional to that it supports FTP and FTPS structures. A wide range of customers in various industries and companies sizes runs this sensitive and critical business processes by ifms over years. 


GoAnywhere™ | Linoma Software

GoAnywhere™ is a managed file transfer (MFT) and secure FTP solution that will streamline and automate file transfers with your trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers. Enterprise level controls and detailed audit logs are provided in GoAnywhere™ for meeting strict security policies and compliance.
The GoAnywhere™ solution is comprised of three products:
GoAnywhere Director™ | Managed File Transfer (scheduler, workflow automation, file encryption, etc.)
GoAnywhere Services™™ | Secure FTP Server and optional Web Server for ad-hoc file Transfers
GoAnywhere Gateway™™ |DMZ Gateway with Reverse and Forward Proxy

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