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GoAnywhere Gateway™ is both an enhanced reverse proxy and forward proxy that provides an additional layer of security when exchanging data with your trading partners. With GoAnywhere Gateway™, you can keep file sharing services (e.g. FTPS/s, SFTP, HTTPS servers) and documents safely in your private/internal network. No sensitive data needs to be stored in your DMZ. The reverse proxy feature in GoAnywhere Gateway™ allows you to keep inbound ports closed into your private network, which is essential for complying with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, ISO 27000 and GLBA.

GoAnywhere™ | GoAnywhere Gateway™

When GoAnywhere Gateway™ is used as a forward proxy, it will make connections to external systems on behalf of users and applications in the private network. By routing outbound requests through a centralized point with GoAnywhere Gateway™, you will be able to more easily manage file transfers from your firewall. The forward proxy feature additionally hides the identities and locations of your internal systems for security purposes.

  • No incoming ports need to be opened into the private network- reduces the risk of intrusion
  • No sensitive data files are stored in the DMZ
  • User credentials, permissions, certificates and keys are kept safe in the private network
  • Hides the locations and identities of internal systems
  • Services configurations are maintained/stored in the private network
  • Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS and AS2 file transfer protocols
  • Built-in load balancer to distribute workloads across multiple systems
  • No special hardware components required; software-only solution
  • Installs to Windows, Linux, AIX, UNIX and Solaris operating systems

GoAnywhere Gateway™ | Structure overview

GoAnywhere Gateway™ | Structure overviewzoom

GoAnywhere Gateway™


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