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  •  Apollo Optik

    Apollo Optik

    Apollo Optik is part of the Pearle Group and manage over 800 Stores by ifms. Next to the Store management ifms is also implemented within the production and supplier line.

  • AWG


    AWG Fashion currently operates about 250 stores in Germany. For some time now AWG Fashion has been studying the market for new till soft- and hardware. AWG signalled the rollout for its tills and system and ifms was integrated within the new system environment and infrastructure. Wincor Beetle tills and bestPOS till software are used at AWG.

  • Budnikowsky


    With more than 160 Stores in the Hamburg metropolitan area, the traditional company Iwan Budinkowsky & Co. KG has been successful in delivering in the highly competitive chemist's market. This is only achieved by reacting quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing market and requirements of the environment. ifms has been one of the building blocks for success by offering a permanent line of communication between the Windows-based branch system and the IBM i-series system. A further milestone in Budnianer's success story was the completion of the new central warehouse in Allermöhe. Constant deliveries via the new central warehouse presented Budni with a significant challenge - unlike the communication connections via ifms.

  • Edeka


    The leader of German food retailer is one of the oldest users of my-ifms. The IT environment is one of the most diversified within systematik GmbH's wide customer base. In a landscape that currently has all imaginable operating systems paired with almost every conceivable means of communication, ifms acts as the central data and information hub between the countless applications of internal and external communication partners. Of course, everything is administered in a completely automated and independent manner. With our product portfolio, such tasks are not protracted projects but daily business and core functions of our standard solution. For years, this has meant flexibility and fast integration at the EDEKA Group.

  • H&M


    In line with H&M guidelines "if anyone drops a file anywhere it should be delivered at once" ifms operates a fully automatic environment of over 6,000 Windows and DEC VMS systems over hundreds of data channels around the world from one central location - the company headquarters in Stockholm. Alongside high availability and fail-safe operation, event-based control was high up on the list of aims. Expansion is currently focused on the USA and Asia. This means 24-hour business activity around the globe. Our ifms time zone management takes these requirements into account. When must, and which, communication processes be activated and processed? At Hennes & Mauritz this was consigned to the past some time ago.

  • kik


    Groth and Store expansion has a name: KiK Textil Discount. The so far uncrowned world champion in this discipline is 'sprinting' its way almost effortlessly to the 4,000 mark. Opening out in the European environment. KiK has been relying on ifms for data communication for 12 years. In 2006 the company opted to swap the till software from MTX (by NCR) for bestPOS (by BEST).

  • Pearle


    Pearle is one of the largest groups of opticians across the world and also the Apollo-Optik Holding GmbH & Co. KG in Germany belongs to it. ifms is used in some of its European agencies as a management system for the file transfer of data and scheduling of jobs. The further integration of country hubs is planned in the near future based on ifms's ability to be used flexibly.

  • Spar


    The SPAR Group Switzerland is an independent company with a local shareholder structure and global support from SPAR International. Over the past few years the group has grown constantly with its 170 SPAR and EUROSPAR stores and several TopCC Cash & Carry stores. SPAR Switzerland has been using ifms as its communication solution since 1998. Amongst other things worthy of mention here are the product line download, sales upload and the update management for the branch systems as well as the partners' procurement and disposal procedures using external scanning systems. Since 2004 ifms has also been responsible for providing the Unix systems with PDM and order data an almost minute-by-minute basis.

  • Tedi


    After a detailed feasibility phase involving the POS market, TEDi GmbH & Co. KG opted to change their previously installed communication and store management software and since March 2008 has been a customer of systematik GmbH with nearly 1400 Stores.

  • Sonopress


    Towards the end of the 90s Sonopress developed a complete service for media information at the point of sale using the media browser network. Multimedia terminals installed on the shelves enable music and/or video clips to be played back. A scanner integrated in the terminal reads the barcode. The customer is able to interactively adjust the volume and browse the product information. With more than 6 million available titles and over 3,000 terminals in 14 countries, media browser network has currently established itself as the leading platform for promoting media products at the POS in Europe. ifms was the clear communication solution right from the start of the project. A specific open interface was developed for ifms logistics control via external systems. One of the principal tasks is to transfer strategically important statistical data from the media browser network.

  • sds business services

    sds business services

    As an IT service provider in the field of web- and SAP-hosting and ASP solutions, SDS Business Service GmbH is one of the most sophisticated users of ifms. Giants from all sectors of industry and the economy count among the customers. As service providers they are constantly exposed to changes in infrastructure. As solution providers, high availability and fail-safe operation are required. Through many years of cooperation with systematik GmbH, ifms currently links several hundred systems from all families of operating systems via different types of connection and in this way acts as an intermediary between a wide range of applications. This flexibility demonstrated by ifms ensures SDS Business Services GmbH is able to smoothly integrate processes for new and existing customers and their ever-increasing requirements.

  • Schiesser


    The SCHIESSER Group is certainly one of the most well known brands in the clothing sector. The SCHIESSER group is active in over 20 countries. SCHIESSER has been relying on ifms to exchange data and information with its sales representatives since 2000. Since then various software updates to the sales force solution, changes to the operating system and additional internet VPN dial-up to alternative conventional dial-up connections have been implemented using ifms without needing to be adapted.

  • Migrol


    Migrol AG is an extended part of the Swiss showcase company Migros. When the petrol station and attached shop operator expanded by introducing a loyalty card, the requirements regarding the processing of communications also increased. The allocated tasks were RAS dial-up, the reading and evaluation of data files and the production of communication streams. This was the start of a resource-intensive project. However, the transfer and processing of sensitive customer data left no room whatsoever for project phases and prototypes. By using ifms from systematik GmbH an extensive communication solution, highly accepted in the European trading environment, was found. Systematik GmbH only needed a one-day visit to Migrol AG in Zurich to achieve the aims that had been set.

  • GKD Paderborn

    GKD Paderborn

    GKD Paderborn is regarded as an innovative service provider that supports and optimises the performance of local authorities by providing a modern communication platform and specialist software. GKD's municipal data processing centre, opened on 01.01.1979, oversees a total of 400,000 inhabitants across 20 local authorities. GKD Paderborn has been successfully using ifms in the extremely diverse IT landscapes of the local authorities and municipalities. A large part of the ifms tasks are controlled in a fully automated manner by means of a BS2000/OSD mainframe.

  • Cornelsen


    The Cornelsen group is one of Germany's largest publishing houses and leading publishers of image media. Well informed sales representatives are indispensable in this sector. As a result Cornelsen is developing an in-house sales force solution. For years, ifms has been responsible for the exchange of data and information between company headquarters and the mobile sales force as well as the maintenance of their systems and software.

  • Bundeswehr


    The German Armed Forces (Bundewehr) have been a satisfied customer of systematik and ifms for many years.

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